How to prevent water leaks and floods

How to prevent water leaks and floods

When it comes to leaks or floods, you can see two different pictures.
The first one: damaged walls, parquet flooring, furniture and electronics.
The second one: mobile notification. The automatic anti–flood system with Ajax LeaksProtect detector has identified the first flood signs and shut off the water. The mobile app instantly informed the owner about the incident.

Read the article to learn how to implement the Ajax anti–flood system in your home, office, store or production facility.

What damage can leaks and floods cause

Frequent. Destructive. Expensive. These three characteristics describe floods and leaks, regardless of how massive they are.

They happen more often than fires or burglaries. Leaks and floods are number one in the ranking of everyday disasters. According to statistics, in one district (of 333 private houses) there are 1 fire, 9 burglaries and 27 plumbing leaks that happen per year.

They are awfully destroying. The water damage is so serious that it is assessed by the international body — IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Scientifically speaking, there are 4 degrees of water damage. The gradation depends on the porosity of the materials and their ability to absorb the water.

In simple words, the mold grows even if water–damaged areas are dried within 48 hours. The musty smell may never disappear. The wooden floor rots, the drywall gets soaked and crumbled. Appliances deteriorate. Electrical wiring becomes dangerous. A short circuit can cause a fire.

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