Ajax Burglar Alarm is a professional alarm kit with Wireless motion,door contact  and bell box. It has Mobile and Web App connectivity through network cable and built in sim option. Ajax Alarm has anti-intrusion alarm system with AJAX bidirectional wireless communication.This wireless alarm can allow up to 100 wireless devices.

AJAX is complete wireless burglar alarm system for professional installations in both commercial and residential environments. The wireless link achieves high reliability due to its advanced Jeweller radio technology protocol with greater level of encryption.

Ajax Burglar Alarm is a uniquely intelligent and instant monitoring system that can detect signal inhibition by identifying a certain downtime and in turn reduces maintenance costs by significantly extending the life of detector batteries without compromising your home security. Ajax Burglar Alarm allows both the user and the installer connection with the web application, application IOS and Android Ajax Security app. These applications allow to manage the users / Accounts or configure that system, adding different rooms, devices and modifying the configuration of them. The Ajax Burglar alarm user will enjoy multiple advantages, you can receive reliable and instant notifications in both the web application and the mobile application.