20 Meter CAT5E Pure Solid Copper External Grade CCTV cable

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  • Our outdoor range, with a tough polyethylene (PE) coating to withstand all weather conditions
  • Suitable for IP, Anaalogue and HD CCTV Systems. Can also be used for PC's. Macs, games consoles, media streamers etc.
  • All cables are in black, and are UTP 24awg which means they constructed from Enhanced Category 5 (Cat5e) verified cable -
  • these are not the cheap ethernet cables that you see on the market
  • Double jacketed for protection. 100% testing and certification before despatch. 100% copper core, NOT cheap copper clad aluminium (CCA). Suitable for 10/100/1000MB networks. Fitted with plugs AND protective boots

Product Specification

  • Model cat5e cable
  • Conductor Size 24AWG 4*2*1/0.51mm
  • Conductor Material Copper
  • Number Of Conductor 2P, 4P
  • Flammability Grade: CMX,CM,MP,CMG,MPG,CMR,MPR
  • Indoor / Outdoor Double jacket
  • Insulation Material PE , HDPE
  • Insulation Thickness 0.55mm
  • Number of pairs: 4 pairs Pair1: Orange/White Orange Pair2: Blue/ White Blue Pair3: Green/ White Green Pair4: Brown/White Brown
  • Jacket Material PVC, ROHS PVC, LSZH PVC
  • Jacket Thickness 0.92-0.95mm
  • DC Resistance(Max.) 9.5Ω/100m
  • DC Resistance Imbalance 2.50%
  • Working Capacitance(Max.) 5.4nF/100m
  • Insulation Resistance 10000MΩ.km
  • Transmission Velocity 65%
  • Operating Temperature -20 °C - +75 °C

Package Contents

1x 20 Meter CAT5E Pure Solid Copper External Grade CCTV cable